• "When I heard the stories of some women who had been trapped in trafficking, all the petty problems I had been worrying about that day seemed like nothing. Those women go through nightmares every day that I can barely imagine. As I listened to these stories, it dawned on me that I couldn't just walk away from this. These are real people. This is real life. And with the average age they first get trapped in it being 13 – I looked around and knew these were my peers. I wish everyone did because you have no choice then but to join in because we’re fighting for ourselves. We’re fighting for us.”

    - Kaiya Woller -

  • The Need


    Average age that victims enter into sexual exploitation.

    Human trafficking is estimated to be a $150 billion industry worldwide, making it the second largest and fastest growing criminal enterprise.

    A national study published in 2014 estimated that 14% of men in the United States report having ever paid for sex, and 1% report having done so during the previous year. This would mean approximately 26,000 men may have purchased sex in the past year in MN.

    The Polaris Project estimates that a pimp with a “stable” of three girls/women, will make $547,000 (or more) in one year.

    A November 2010 study found that each month in Minnesota, at least 213 girls are sold for sex an average of five times per day through the Internet and escort services.

    A study published in 2017 by the University of MN confirms that sex buyers are predominantly middle-aged, white, married men from across the state. They are not necessarily purchasing a person or sex act, but rather a sexual experience shaped by power, control and violence.

  • About


    The Mission

    To raise actionable awareness to the daily realities of human trafficking in our community; connect individuals to organizations doing the work; raise new funding sources for local organizations and inspire community action.

    The Vision

    100% of our proceeds go to support our local non-profit partners who are actively fighting to thwart Human Trafficking and assisting survivors through their transitions away from their current lifestyles. We believe that a stronger presence of activists and greater financial assistance will leave foundations in cities that help people and destroy the lucrative human trafficking businesses in our communities.

    The Values

    Belief: Belief inspires success. We believe our efforts will accomplish our mission and vision.
    Awareness: We know human trafficking and sexual exploitation exist right her in MN. Our awareness encourages action to educate others.

    Compassion: Our compassion drives us further. We stand together with other passionate individuals that want to make a difference.

    Connect: The opportunity to connect others is important to us. We believe that building community is key to making a lasting impact.

    The Story

    The Not In Our City 5K is a grassroots, community-led effort inspired by local youth. When Kaiya Woller, at the time 15, learned about the realities of sexual exploitation in our communities her world view was shaken. Her passion caught on and in no time her dad, local pastor and coffee shop owner, Scott Woller, walked over to his friends at Target Field and started to ask, "What if we could raise money and call people to action? What if we could help organizations that are making a difference everyday of the year? What if we did a 5K in Target Field?" Their immediate response was “Yes! How can we help?”


    So in less than ninety days, dream became reality, and the first 5K took place in Target Field February 4th, 2017. With over 400 participants we raised awareness and financial contrbutions for great organizations that are fighting human trafficking year-round. With each new event we continue to increase our impact.


    With your help we were able to reach even more people than before and raising critically needed funds for the organizations who will be working around the clock to fight human trafficking and get victims critical support and services. This started from a handful of people expressing passion and has quickly become a movement.






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