We are making it super easy to support local organizations who are working around the clock in the fight against human trafficking. Join the movement!


See you December 9th, 2017 at Target Field!


Human trafficking is a real issue in our city

Human trafficking of women and children is the fastest growing crime in the world and it’s happening right in our backyard. With the Super Bowl and many other major events coming it will only get worse. How do we take action against this horrific social issue? 

  We are inviting you to take one step forward to support local organizations who are working around the clock to make an impact on against human trafficking. We’re grateful for the brave leaders at Breaking Free, Source and The Link. They have laid and are continuing to build upon the foundation with their expertise and grit to make a long term change here in the Twin Cities.  

Come and show your grit by registering for the December 9th, NOT IN OUR CITY 5K. It’s being hosted at the Target Field concourse. 100% of proceeds will go directly to organizations supporting victims and fighting trafficking in MN.  

We Need Your Help to Spread the Word!

The Need

12-14 Years Old

Average age that victims enter into sexual exploitation.

13 U.S. Cities

The FBI has identified the Twin Cities as one of 13 U.S. cities with the highest rate of sexual exploitation involving children.

100,000 Children

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children conservatively estimates that 100,000 children are victims of sexual exploitation in the United States every year.

Over $547,000 

The Polaris Project estimates that a pimp with a “stable” of three girls/women, will make $547,000 (or more) in one year. 

213 Girls

A November 2010 study found that each month in Minnesota, at least 213 girls are sold for sex an average of five times per day through the Internet and escort services.

133 Arrests

According to the Nat'l Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 133 arrests were made - due to having sex with minors during the Dallas Super Bowl in 2011. 

Stories and Testimonials

Kaiya's Story

"When I heard the stories of some women who had been trapped in trafficking, all the petty problems I had been worrying about that day seemed like nothing. Those women go through nightmares everyday that I can barely imagine. I realized how privileged I actually am. I do not have to worry about where I am going to sleep or who I am going to have to sleep with. I do not have to worry about what might happen to me every single night.  

As I listened to these women's stories, it dawned on me that I couldn't just walk away from this. It is impossible to look into those women's eyes, hear the atrocities they went through, and continue to go about my daily business. These are real women. This is real life. This is not fiction."

Julia's Story

"I care about human trafficking in our city because it is a big deal. Usually when people think of trafficking, they think it happens in other countries. They don’t really think of it in their own city. We need to raise awareness that it is in our city. It is heartbreaking knowing a lot of people don’t feel safe in this city because of human trafficking.  

No one should be scared to go outside and live his or her life. People should not have to be afraid of getting taken and used. Everyone should feel safe where he or she lives. We need to do something about this so everyone can feel safe and no more people have to go through human trafficking."

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